Hand-rolled beeswax candles (different sizes)

Hand-rolled beeswax candles (different sizes)


100% Handmade. 100% Natural.

Beeswax candles give a pleasant and natural fragrance to your home.

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Our hand-rolled candles are made from 100% pure beeswax.
For this we use beeswax sheets with a honeycomb pattern.
Beeswax candles are 100% natural products, they have a beautiful golden yellow colour.
Beeswax has its own natural aroma, honey and flower nectar, we do not use any additional dyes or flavours in the production.

The candles give a pleasant and natural scent to your home, they also purify the air. They have a relaxing and calming effect. The burning time is much longer than with ordinary candles. After the candle has burnt out, you can compost it.

Available in different sizes: 15/10/7/5cm, diameter is about 2,5-3cm or 8cm x 5cm.

The price refers to 2 hand-rolled beeswax candles.

In our assortment you will find a variety of unique, handmade home decoration products and various practical items.

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